Comments from emails we receive…

“I love the putter!” (get that one comment nearly every email)

“The larger sweet spot and resulting lack of putter head torque is great. My results have improved with every round.”

“Shot my age or better 5 of the last 10 rounds I’ve played.”

“The putter is great, and has made a real difference in my game.”

“I have had the yips for the last 3 years and I thought that it might help, I am happy to say that it has helped and I am 98 % cured!”

“At first my buddies busted my chops mercilessly, but after 3 holes they all shut up!”

“After 3 yrs. of the yips it is so much fun when they give me those dreaded 18″ inchers!”

“Went to Scotland in May with my Black Hawk Putter and at every course I played the caddies would stand in line to try it!!”

“I would like to say thank you for saving my game!”

“(famous sports figure) was staying with me during the TPC and tried the putter with great success.”

“Whenever the pressure mounted and I needed a putt the ball seemed to fall…”

“Your putter produces a truer roll more often than any putter I have ever used.”

“I can’t reproduce (the far superior roll) results with any other putter be that a long putter or a belly putter.”

“I made my first 9 putts (in a row) from 12 feet. I putted ball after ball and they just kept falling into the cup…we were all just laughing.”

“I cannot bear to look at a small headed putter now.”

“I love the Black Swan … it gets the ball rolling straight and true.”

“I feel it is almost impossible to keep (other putters) square (now)…”

“I have been playing it since January. Its great.”

“People make fun until they putt with it.”

“I love it and everybody that tries it is impressed.” 

“… now when I go to the practice green everyone wants to know if this is the (famous) Putter.”

Typical email immediately after the lesson…

David – That was a totally awesome experience. I still find it hard to believe I was putting conventional and putting great. What a great product and your knowleadge was off the charts, I thank you so much of taking time with me I have never taken a lesson in my life all self-taught from books and TV so I was so stoked last night can’t wait to show it off this weekend. I’ll stay in touch. Best Regards, Brian … you’re welcome Brian… and thank You. 
Comments we hear repeatedly on the green…

“This works too good… are you sure this is legal? Who says? USGA? Really!”

“I can’t hit a bad putt with it!”

“It makes me swing the putter like a pendulum.”

“It stops my yips.”

“Can you make a driver for me?”

“This is just stupid how easy this is to make putts.”

“What did you say this was called? You should call it Black Magic!”

“Can I get one for my other golf bag too?”

“Are you kidding me?!” … after watching the 5 ball drill

“Can I get a pink one?” … from a lady with sense of style 🙂

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