We provide a PGA Professional Putting Lesson, with our compliments, for those who decide to put our Putters in their bag.

In fact… you cannot get the Putter, without the Lesson.


It’s about Quality. Quality of Fit. Quality of the experience. Quality of your Putting. Our PGA Professional partners do a tremendous service to us, by assuring the Quality… they are our “Quality Putting Engineers”.

What should you expect in the time on the green with the Professional? The goal is to get you putting better than you ever have in your life, in that one session.

First, the Professional will observe your existing putter & technique… he looks for clues as to your existing putting issues. He may put you through a few drills to establish a data benchmark for further reference.

Then, to properly fit you with a Black Hawk or Black Swan, he assures that the geometry of your setup position is in line with the Putter’s optimum positions. The lower hand on the grip’s elbow point will be observed relative to the shaft plane. This is a key physical relationship, as it governs the putter plane on longer putts, when the stroke is swinging the putterhead with significant momentum.

Your Grip technique will be observed, to assure that any necessary grip adjustments occur early on… the Instructor may change your grip to a simpler, more effective method, controlling the putterhead better than ever, before moving on to work on the rest of your putting technique.

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