Had the privelege of meeting, fitting, and instructing a great Senior Amateur Player, Doug McKeever, last week in North Carolina. Doug’s an accomplished player, with the heart and guts of a riverboat gambler. Doug’s 68 years young, an accomplished golfer, and one of the most intelligent men you’ll ever meet on a Putting Green. He’s not bashful either. If he thinks he can dip into your wallet by putting for dough, watch out. Especially now. (Sorry about warning them, Doug!).

Doug had a super wristy stroke, but was a good putter regardless. Giving him the Lesson we give to all who use our Putters was a treat… teaching him to let the Putter Swing (pendulum stroke) was a major focus. He putted far better. Even before the Lesson, in his head-to-head test against his previously beloved Scotty, the Black Swan blew the Cameron into the weeds. After the Lesson, Doug said he’d try to test again… but after the email below, I doubt he’ll even waste the time.

Doug sent me an email today…

Title: Black Swan shoots my age yesterday. On bent greens. 2nd round with Swan


What a great birthday present. The Swan made 6 putts all in the 20 foot range for a round with 5 birds and 1 bogey (on a par 5!).  I had so much fun particularly on the last hole where the Swan made a 25 footer from off the green, it was a double breaker with 4 feet of break!

I am convinced that I use the new pendulum stroke on the long putts.  Now if I could learn on the 10 footers  I really think I could revert to the great putter I was as a teenager.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas Doug. Happy Birthday too.

By the way… it takes a Tour player over a dozen rounds to cup six 20+ footers

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