The Real Three Ball Putter  (click)

Lots of Putters out there to choose from… 1500+… but you have to wonder, if they all share the same defects, why bother?

If a Putter doesn’t “Putt where it Aims” (Perfect Geometry), are you being served?

If a Putter is brutally unforgiving (effective sweet spot three dimples in area), is it worth having?

The Truth in Putting that we embrace is dictated by God’s Laws… as unlocked and enumerated by Isaac Newton. It’s known as “Classical Mechanics”, and deals with objects & motions.

A simple measure of the stability, or ability to resist forces that create rotational motion (inertia about an axis) of an object is it’s “Mass Moment of Inertia”. It’s known in golf shorthand lingo as MOI.

The MOI of a Putter Head about the vertical axis (thru the CG) is a very effective measure of the stability of the Putter, and relates directly to the effective zone of strike on the face, otherwise known as “Sweet Spot”.

Most Putters have MOI values between 3 and 5 Kg-Cm2. So-Called “High MOI” Putters are usually between 6 and 9 Kg-Cm2.

The Black Hawk? 21 Kg-Cm2. The Black Swan? 23 Kg-Cm2.

There’s another MOI measurement that nobody talks about… the horizontal axis, which controls the “up & down” Sweet Spot. We have an even bigger advantage there, than the “heel & toe” direction.

In other words, between 3x and 7x the effective strike zones on a Putter.

Now, some of those in the industry were so shocked, and so upset, when we showed the world how to putt, that they choked, and their public responses show their loss of mental balance. They made totally nonsensical statements like… “MOI is like cholesterol… a little is OK, but too much is bad for you”.

That was an actual comment by the guy who runs Golf Club Technical Services for Nike. Absurd beyond belief. The guy obviously never studied physics. In reality? He had to lay down a smokescreen. We just laughed.

Do you still have a persimmon driver in the bag? (I might have been the last professional golfer to carry the 1950’s era persimmon driver… I look at them now and wonder… just like I laugh now when I putt with my beloved previous putters… a Bullseye, an 8802, a TP Mills, and a Ping Anser).

It’s very simple. If you have God’s Laws on your side… You Make More Putts.

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