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… Make donation to SJCRH & get Gift Certificates for Putter purchases

… Get Our Video series “Putting 2.0” delivered to your inbox, or mailbox

… Play a round of Golf with the Putting Engineer in 2014

… Have the Putting Engineer teach you “in-Person” all about Putting 2.0

… Learn how you can earn not only a Putter, but up to $1,000 in cash

… Arrange for chance for you and 11 others to Putt for $6,000 at your Course

… Follow the Putting Engineer’s day by day “on-the-green” Putting Video Log in 2014

… Tell Your Black Hawk or Black Swan story, and maybe feature in Our Videos

… Try a Black Hawk or Black Swan for a day, including the Putting 2.0 Lesson

… Trade in Your Old Putter, for benefit of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

… Earn up to a $100 credit on a new Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter

… Start your own “Putting Team” at your club, to compete with others, with our help

… Join Our Team of Enthusiasts… our “Pro-Exponents” in our “Putters Squared” program

… Put the Putters in Your Golf Team’s bags, if You are a High School Coach

… Help us Operationally or Professionally as a Team Member or Project Associate

… Help us with Our 2014 Golfer Education program

Or just to ask the Putting Engineer a question.

Enjoy the videos… click on the HD button for higher quality…

Making Long Putts is Fun…

The Putting Engineer making 9 of 12 from 27 feet. If other Companies COULD do this, wouldn’t they already have shown you?

Hit the ‘HD’ button on upper right for HD Video (it’s clearer)…

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