Lots of Golfers look at my videos and say… “No way! That’s not real!” … “That’s a computer generated image” … “He was in the turbine business, and he’s got a mini-turbine blowing the balls in” … “There’s a magnet under the hole, and he’s using steel-cored golf balls” … “He put a garden hose there yesterday, and it left a track” … “He’s got a force-field set up somehow” … “Bet there’s a laser directing energy into the ball” … “There’s no ball, it’s just a Computer Graphic  ghost” … “That video is pure Photoshop!” …

Or even… “No big deal, I could do that”

I particularly like the last one! The rest are laughable… so keep ‘em coming!

OK… so here’s your chance, for any of the … “I could do that” would-be putters…

Make a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, for any amount (but please, really try to help the kids)…

Come to a practice Putting Green where I’m at, or invite me to yours…

Step onto the Green, with your favorite putter… (but not a Black Hawk or Black Swan!)…

Pick any 27 footer you wish to hit… hit as many practice putts as you wish…

Then, we turn the camera on… and you’ll need to sign the video release 🙂

Then, just do it. Knock in 56%+ from 27 feet, of 48 Golf Balls… that’s 26 out of 48, or better…

(Here’s me doing it…) http://vimeo.com/90537173

Then, if you do, and I don’t immediately step up and hole a greater number, you win $1,000 cash on the spot, plus twice whatever your donation to SJCRH was.

Of course, when you don’t hole anywhere near 26, (most likely only 5, or maybe 6 or 7) it’s not actually your fault.

It’s your putter’s fault. So, you’ll look at the camera, and say loud and clear, while looking at your “old” putter…

“Bad putter!”

Then, step into the world of “Putting 2.0″… and enjoy Putting like never before.

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