Pricing on our Putters is changing, and now reflects their real value.

Each Putter is custom built to the Golfer’s unique geometry, and includes the Cover.

Putters purchased direct, online, at the MSRP pricing, will come with Putting 2.0 Instruction from the Putting Engineer… for Life.

MSRP is now $1,800 for both the Black Hawk & Black Swan. There is a $200 Delivery Fee, and the Putting Engineer will Fit, Deliver and Instruct the Golfer, in person.

You are guaranteed superior Putting, right from the first session. If you do not putt far better on the very first on the green session, we will take the putter back. It’s never happened, but you are assured that you will putt so well that I will back you in a wager of a putting match with any professional.


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