Tour Players are shown on TV all the time making long putts, right? So they must make a lot of ‘bombs’, right?

Not exactly.

They show those long made putts on the highlight reels, yes… but they’re not showing the thousands of putts that don’t go in, for the few dozen that do. It turns out, that Tour Players make about 1 putt of over 20 feet, for every event that they play. That’s about it. Hard to believe? Want to know why?

We tested putting “make %” drills for the last two years, from various distances from 12 to 36 feet. We observed a number of phenomena… in the statistical sense… of what is done on a putting green, versus what is done in tournament play on the highest level.

One of the metrics we created was what we callled “degree of difficulty”. We multiplied the make %’s of any common data set (from a single tester) times the distances tested at, and observed the “curve” relationship created. By assigning a relative factor to the numbers (12 footer was benchmarked at a 100 index), we saw the fall-off relationship of longer putts being more difficult to accrue “feet made putts”.

What did we observe? Well, double the distance, and of course you drop your make % by over 50%… which is intuitive enough. But what we observed was that the fall-off with distance was greater on the Tour, than observed in “make %” testing on the green, proportionally.

It’s fairly simple to see why. During the “make %” testing, the focus is just “makes”. Three putts are not in the equation at all, so the tester basically disregards them. Because of this, testers try to make all their putts.

Are Tour players trying to make longer putts? It appears not all the way. Common sense would say the same of course, but to what degree?

We even observed this in green time with Tour players. They don’t think about making long putts (over 36 feet), they think of two-putting as a primary objective. Does this hurt their overall performance? We think so. They leave too many putts short, for example.

With conventional traditional putters, you couldn’t make a large percentage of longer putts… the tool used was not capable. We’ve changed that.

Soon enough, somebody on Tour is going to light it up… not once, twice, or three times… (as in the debut events at the Sony Open, or the PGA Senior) but a dozen times in a two month stretch, by using our putter, with the right approach to strategic putting. When it happens, just remember, you heard it here first.

Until then, we’re here to help YOU putt better. Light it up at your course, as dozens already are with the Black Hawk & Black Swan putters.

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