Orion Golf’s Chief of Technology is a professional golfer, with over three decades experience as a Design, Manufacturing, and Quality engineer. You can contact him at oriongolf@ymail.com

Twitter home is https://twitter.com/OrionGolf

The Putting Engineer dominated the first two years of the MSOP National Putting Tour, being #1 ranked by a huge margin in both 2017 and 2018, and being awarded ‘TOUR PLAYER OF THE YEAR” belt. In 2018, he won Ten of Thirty Events including the Season Ending Tournament. Quite a few of the Top Putters were actually students of his. In fact, the #2 ranked player in 2017 was one of the Putting Engineer’s students. In 2019 he stepped back from MSOP events greatly limiting his appearances, to concentrate on other activity… but on a per tourney basis, still outranked all others.


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