Just thinking… Do You have a friendly wager riding? $5? $10? $20? More?

What’s a Stroke Worth to You then… would you change Putters to save a Stroke per Round?

How Many Rounds a Year do you play… Once a week? (50), Twice a Week? (100), Four times a Week? (200).

Multiply the two answers together… for example… a $10 wager level x Twice a Week (100 rounds) = $1,000 value for a Stroke Less per Round.

So, it’s worth over a Grand to drop a Stroke, if you play twice a week, with $10 wagers on the line. That’s just in the first year… not to mention all future years.

Oh yes… almost forgot. Our Putter’s Performance Data shows well over a Stroke per Round benefit. With everybody. Some Golfers far more than a Stroke.

Maybe that’s why the last three golfers I queried said they wouldn’t return our Putters, and use something else, even if we paid them $1,000.

Of course, the satisfaction of making more Putts is something you couldn’t put a monetary value on… actually, it’s priceless!

Just thought you’d like to know that.

By the way… “there’s No Gambling at Bushwood.”

But if You use a Putter that’s a sure thing… is it really Gambling?

Take a good look at this video… is the Putter being used about as close to “automatic One-Putts” as you can imagine? http://youtu.be/p3iVvhTpz1E

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