Meet the Real Designers of the Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters…

Pythagoras, Galileo, Newton, Pascal, Edison, & Ford

All we did was apply their collective genius.


Motion Physics.

Classical Mechanics.

Statistics & Probability.


Common Sense.

What our Putters actually do is put the truth of these geniuses into your hands, in a tangible expression of these Truths in Putting.

The Ball should Go Where It’s Aimed… (and you should know that the aim is true)

The Putter should Swing Like a Pendulum… (as a result of it’s design)

The Strike should be as Efficient as Possible… (with no wasted energy transfer)

The System should be Robust & Repeatable… (to increase the user’s capability)

The Design should be Innovative & Ingenious… (not be limited to past examples)

The Putter should Inspire Confidence…  (due to Common Sense design focus)

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