If you have no opportunity to get to a Putting Green that I am on, or to a Green Grass Golf Shop and Golf Professional who offers our “Putting 2.0″ Lesson and the Putters, here is how you can now get a Putter…

You need to take a digital photo of yourself, your old putter in hand (conventional length), looking down the line of the putt.

Indoors is best, Shoes on, and Short Sleeves (need to see your elbows)

Camera 8 to 12 feet away, at Grip Height or slightly lower

Vertical reference in background (wall seam, etc)

Send also… Your Putter Length (used in photo) in Inches

Email the above to oriongolf@ymail.com , and reference your order placement. If you’d like to pay by check or bank billpay, I’ll provide instructions in a return email order acknowledgement. Or, Click the Link below, for Paypal or Credit Card purchases.

Final pricing policy on both Putters… see link

The link below is for the Black Hawk Putter… (for the Black Swan, go here)


See our “Custom Product” return and refund policy here


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