Donate $777 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (direct through their website), and receive as our gift a Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter as our thank you, but also have a Fun Day of Golf (lesson, lunch, & play) with the Designer of the Putters, and Chief Putting Engineer of Orion Golf.

Make the Donation $7,777 and Orion Golf will sponsor a VIP Day for you and your friends… Putters, Lessons, Luncheon & Golf for all.

If your Company Donates $77,777, Orion Golf will provide a “Corporate Putting Day”, complete with Putters and Lessons for all of your corporate directors, and other VIP’s, including the chance for all participants to putt for $77,777 more (to double your donation if successful).

Contact us at for details, and to arrange your “thank you” from us.

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