Lots of talk in the Golf Industry about what is needed… the proposed solutions to the “problems” with Golf today…

Some of the “problems”, and industry leaning solution approach…

Play takes too long… so… Easier Courses… “Tee it Forward”

Golf is tough to market… so… Discounted access to Tee Times… “Golf Now”

Golf courses cost too much to maintain… so… “Cut Maintenance Budgets”

Labor Cost & Staffing Levels too high… so… “Do we even need a PGA Pro?”

Sound ineffective? Short-sighted? Bandwagon-jumping?

Who is in the best position to solve the “problems” in Golf, anyway?

My opinion has never changed here… it’s the PGA Professional.

So… if you are a PGA Professional (one of 28,000, with maybe 12,000 good jobs among them), what exactly do you think about these solutions?

Golf “growth” seems to be the mantra for quite some time. Problem is, nobody has actually done anything that actually “grows” the Game.

Not the Equipment Companies… face facts, they simply burnt out your “customer base” by selling over-hyped “Game Changer!” equipment that… wasn’t. Year after Year. So now your customers are upset that the 7 drivers, 5 hybrids, 4 putters, 3 sets of wedges, and 2 sets of irons that they’ve purchased over the past decade (and clutter their closets) has actually resulted in their handicap index going from an 11.6 to a 13.4.

Oh, and by the way, most of those golfers did not come to you for a fitting and a lesson except for one or two times in those 20+ equipment decisions. Wonder why?

Not that the Big-Box or Online Discounters helped either… they helped bust your old business model…

Fitting + Lesson + Better Quality Equipment = Golfer energized to play and practice more… if he or she improves.

Now, these big-boxes are hiring Professionals who have few other career options to “fit & teach” on-site. But, do you really think they have the Golfer’s best interest in mind? Or, to keep their job, do they follow the sales manager’s dictates? Push those last year’s drivers now!

Back to the “problem”… and a real solution.

I believe that Golf will Grow organically… or not at all. By that, I mean that existing Golfers must “want” to play more, and to introduce the game to others. Hey, I started as the kid of a very good golfer, and was a caddy first. I saw enough over 40+ years to know why this Game is where it is today.

Tell me a reason why somebody who already plays about as much to be expected, would suddenly decide to “play more” (and have less time for their career, wife, kids, and other interests)?

There’s only one reason to play more… YOU SUDDENLY CAN ACTUALLY PLAY BETTER. It’s a fact. The NGF published multiple reports that prove that if Golfers (as surveyed) played Better, they’d play More (or already do, because of playing better). See one of their articles with graph here… http://archive.clubnewsmaker.net/ngfdashboard/www.clubnewsmaker.net/ngfdashboard/e_article002279852.html

So, let me tell you what I have experienced for these past two years…

Golfers that have switched to the Only Putters Designed to Make Putts… PLAY BETTER.

Golfers that have switched to the Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters… PLAY MORE.

I can prove it easy… how?

Simple… first… YOU will experience what it’s like yourself… to not only Putt Far Better than you ever have in your life, but WANT to Putt More, & Play More.

Next… You’ll see your member or golf clientele playing MORE because you will help them PUTT LIKE A TOUR PRO!

I guarantee this result. No risk for you. Easy for me to do it, because of the accumulated data of my two year test period that has just been completed.

1. Every Golfer Putts Better with our Putters… and Our Lesson. No exceptions.

2. Golfers that Putt Better… Score Better… and Play More. Lots of anecdotal and empirical proof.

Do yourself, and your industry, a favor. Take seriously this opportunity to help Golf Grow… Organically, by making your clientele into Better Putters, and Golfers. Before this chance to “Change the Game for the Better” is taken out of your hands… maybe forever.

We provide a complimentary Putting 2.0 Lesson with every Putter. We empower PGA Professionals to give these Lessons, and we compensate them for being our “Quality Control”.

You don’t even have to “Stock” them to participate.

We only ask that you try our Putter yourself. If you decide to stick it in your bag, we then provide you the wisdom and knowledge of over two years of intensive Putting studies… and the basic physics and geometry why it works. You work that knowledge into your Instructional style… you don’t teach a pre-programmed script… because I don’t either. I teach based on the audience I have, and you will too.

Contact me at 407-844-7885, and we’ll begin the process of making you not only the best Putter in your Section or Chapter, but your members and guest golfer clients so happy about their game, that they solve the “problem” the old fashioned way… by simply Playing More themselves.

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