As a Tool Design Engineer in the Turbine Industry for the decades of the 80’s, 90’s & 00’s, we knew that the correct Geometry in our Machines, Tooling and Setups, was absolutely necessary to create the Highest Quality Turbine Blades & Vanes. Their was effectively no margin for error. Any small error in Tooling Geometry was unacceptable, as it ate up our allowable process tolerances, reducing quality. This shows up in a reduced “Process Capability Index”, which is a measure of robustness of a process.

It’s a similar situation, if you look with care at the Process of Putting… if the Putter has a Geometry error in actual use, the Player’s “Putting Capability Index” will be negatively affected.

Golfers who use Our Putters never have a problem with Geometry Error, however. The reason? Our “Perfect Geometry”. What is Perfect Geometry? It’s when a Putter has Zero Error in a Golfer’s hands, or 2D = 3D… in other words, it PUTTS WHERE YOU AIM. No other Putter does that.

We build, and fit, all of our Putters to exactly match the bio-mechanics and ergonomics of the Golfer.

We fit Lie Angle to exact measurement. Not only in static (setup) position, but in dynamic (stroke) position.

Try “Perfect Geometry” just once… you’ll make so many putts it will shock you… you’ll find out, what we mean, when we say… “You’re a Better Putter than You Think You Are!”.

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