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We sell the Black Hawk & Black Swan putters on Putting Greens, and give the Putting 2.0 Lesson with the Putter, with our compliments.

The MSRP on the Putters is now $1,800 for the Black Hawk, and Black Swan.

Fit & Deliver fee is $200, and includes the Putter Cover and the Lesson.

We don’t sell Putters at Off-Site Discount or Big-Box Golf retailers. Why don’t we sell at the Big-Boxes? Simple… they don’t have Putting Greens, and they don’t have PGA Professional trained to make you the Best Putter ever.

If there is no Golf Shop near you that has the Putters, we have a special offer…

Order a putter by sending an email to We’ll send you instructions on how to proceed… we’ll get you your putter, and we’ll arrange a Putting 2.0 Lesson, or a PGA Putting Lesson at a location near you.

If you simply have no Golf Professional available to help, contact us at for help and solutions.

Also, if you are undecided as to which Putter is right for YOU, email me at , or call me personally at 407-844-7885, for a consultation.

Also, for a limited time, we have a few “Kingdom” Magazines (Arnold Palmer’s beautiful “coffee-table” Lifestyle publications), and for the next few who order a Putter, the new “Summer” issue (#26) will be included at no added cost. Kingdom Magazine (it’s basically a book!) retails for $20… if you are lucky enough to find one of these Collector’s treasures. If you wish, I’ll even autograph our Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters Advertisement (full page, #187) in a black Sharpie, personalized to you, or the lucky gift recipient you intend the Putter for…

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