We hear lots of commets on the “appearance” of our putters, mostly before the person commenting has ever even put one in their hands on a putting green.

We also understand that “look” is the first thing you notice and react to…

Well, nothing in the world is quite so “pretty” as a 90 foot putt rolling all the way into the hole. We do that daily.

And nothing in the world is quite so ugly as a putter repeatedly making a Three-Putt at the same distance, or any distance.

I loved the look of my 8802. I also admired the design appearance of the Bullseye I had for 40 years. My TP Mills and Anser putters were also instantly recognizable as “putters” of course, but I never putted well with either, except in rare cases, like my 8802 or Bullseye. I made a bucket-full of three putts and missed short birdie and par putts with all of them, far worse than I should have.

Now, I didn’t design the Black Swan to sell. I designed it to play. My sole criteria was “Make More Putts”.

I now laugh when I putt with other putters. Why? Because I really know what Pretty vs. Ugly is. Our putters made 43% more putts in extensive testing (60 top players). So in reality, we’re 43% more beautiful, or 43% less ugly, than the other guys. 

The Black Swan. Beauty Is as Beauty Does. After you make putts with it, it starts looking like the only putter in the world. It might look like an Ugly Duckling before you hit putts with it, but to all who do, it becomes what it truly is… a Beautiful Swan.

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