It’s year end, and a good time to make donation to your favorite charity (good tax planning too).

Santa would like to reward you if you decide that St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is your beneficiary of choice.

St. Nick suggested to me to offer the first dozen contributors to SJCRH a special gift. I think that is a terrific idea. So, the first to claim each of the rewards based on donation to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital will receive as shown.

Two awards… Give $1,200 to SJCRH, get two Days of Golf with the Putting Engineer, including two Putters (one each Black Hawk & Black Swan).

Four awards … Give $1,000 to SJCRH, get a Day of Golf with the Putting Engineer, including a Putter, either a Black Hawk or Black Swan.

Six awards … Give $600 to SJCRH, get a Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter, and Putting 2.0 lessons for Life.

Christmas is a time for giving… nobody deserves gifts more then the Kids who need Miracles.

The offer runs thru January 7 (Eastern Orthodox Christmas), and if you’d like to participate, contact me at 407-844-7885 to reserve your award and get details on donation procedure (per our instructions) it’s done straight to SJCRH (fully tax-deductible).

This offer has expired, look for a new offer for Christmas 2016/2017.

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