We’re starting a new feature… VOD… Video of the Day. Sending this one out for the friends at Cobblestone Park GC in Blythewood (near Columbia) SC, home of Tom Graber, PGA. Tom’s a great Putter. Knows some great Harvie Ward stories too.

Today it’s me doing Ten Putt sets from 48 feet. Tour Pros only make 3% from that range. Try it yourself. Not easy making 4 of 10. Actually, it’s nearly 7000 to 1 odds against a Tour Pro doing it. Made 1 of 10, then 2 of 10, then 3 of 10, then this clip, for 4 of 10, today. 10 of 40 overall wasn’t too bad. The gallery you hear are my angels.

You can enjoy Putting with the Black Hawk yourself. I’m coming to Cobblestone Park GC on Sunday, November 4th, will be all day on the Putting Green, to enjoy giving Free Putting Lessons to all who want to experience what Mr. Tom Graber, PGA, already has… in his words?

“I’ve been making putts from everywhere! Uphill, downhill, left-to-right, right-to left, and everything inside of 6-feet is automatic. What a pure roll!”

Thanks Tom. See you soon.


Just spent two fun days giving lessons and rolling everything up to 170 footers with 30 feet of break on the green at Cobblestone Park GC. Tom Graber  PGA showed off his exceptional putting prowess (how about rolling all 6 balls from 90 feet with a severe “backdoor” break all within 12 inches!). Tom’s members putted and learned and talked putting, and other subjects… and so the Flock continues to grow… all enthusiastic apostles for what we provide, and how we do it. Met a great MLB Veteran (and 1969 AL ERA Champion), Dick Bosman. Remember wanting my Tigers to snare him in 1970… unfortunately for us, we didn’t put the Olde English D on him. He’s the Tampa Bay Rays Pitching Co-ordinator these days. Must be doing a great job… see the Rays Pitching Staff stats lately? Best Staff ERA (3.19) in all of MLB… by far! And in the DH League to boot.

Thanks to all those who came out… and see you all again soon.

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