The other Putter Companies have very little respect for your intelligence. They just want to reach into your pocket, and extract the most from you… by repeatedly rolling out nonsensical unscientific gimmicks, pretending to actually help you make putts. Do they? Nope.

Think I’m joking here? It’s your Pocket that they’re Picking, and your Prospective One-Putts that they’re Pissing Away.

Let’s look at the latest marketing gimmick by “Odyssey” Putters, a Callaway division.

(in a baritone voice) … “One Degree…”

So they paint a white stripe on a black putter, and claim it will help you putt better. They even trot out Ernie Els to highlight it. Nice try Odyssey.

But here’s the facts…

First of all… One Degree? You don’t have nearly that much margin of error. One Degree is equal to one inch of lateral error (left or right) for every 57 inches of target distance… and the cup gives you an effective 1.5 inch radial (3 inch diameter) target. Outside of that, mostly lip-outs will occur. So… +/- One Degree? Inside of Seven Footers, maybe.

Try this Trig on for size… on an 18 foot putt, your actual margin of error, from all causes, is about 0.4 degrees. Remember too, it’s where the ball rolls, not what your eyes see.

Here’s the worst part…

Even if you “see” the line you want… their Putter does NOT hit it on that line.

Why? Compound Angle Face Geometry Error. It’s the Elephant in the Putting Room. Nobody deals with the issue, but us.

The Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters are the ONLY Putters in existence with “Perfect Geometry”… in other words, they always “Putt Where You Aim”.

One Degree? Yeah, they give you Error… built-in… that you don’t see, but is real, and affects your Putting Capability.

How about “Dead Solid Perfect” instead. Perfect Geometry (TM) is far better.

Odd they never figured it out. We did. You benefit from our Truth in Putting.

The Proof is in the Putting. The Black Hawk & Black Swan. No other Putters deserve your time and attention. We prove it every day. Try them… and be stunned at how good a Putter You Truly Are.

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