My Wife often asks me if I could conceivably design a “Time Machine”. Recently she presented a compendium book of H.G. Wells stories to our daughter, including the famous “Time Machine” story. Going “Back” in time is perhaps her wish, but those acquainted with Relativistic Physics pretty much rule that one out. Going “Forward” is another story.

I’d like to describe examples of the “Time Machines” that can be imagined today… in Golf. First… the “Go Back” scenario.

Imagine (you’re a Golfer now) you had a Time Machine, and could “go back” to Spring of 1980. Coming up is the US Open, Baltusrol, Jack won it, his Fourth Open, and again set the scoring record. You could take with you whatever you could hold in your hands and pockets. Most Competitive Golfers would say… “A 460cc titanium shell spring face driver, and pockets full of modern 4-piece balls.” Great answer… why? “To beat Jack” would be a possible reason. To give it to their favorite player may be another. Or… to take it to Chicopee, and sell it to the Equipment companies. If you had any coconuts at all and could play you’d enter the US Open Qualifyer to go to Baltusrol.

Now, think about this… it took 25 years, and billions of dollars spent, to functionally obsolete the Persimmon Driver. First came the “Pittsburgh Persimmon” steel headed driver of 1978… then progressed the series of drivers you probably have in your closets… Tour Burner, etc. through Big Bertha to modern 460cc heads. You pretty much had to buy 6 or 7 drivers to “keep up with the Jones’s” during all that time. How good did the Drivers get? Maybe 10% better in 25 years, if you strip the ball’s effects out of the equation. 10%. 25 years. Billions of dollars. Six in your closet.

So… if I could design such a Time Machine that made that possible… would I? Not likely. Not because it wouldn’t be cool. But because I did it for a “Going Forward” method even easier.

What, you ask… is that Going Forward Time Machine? Simple. The Black Swan Putter.

Think about it. Putters haven’t changed 2% in performance in 30+ years. Putter Performance is far more important than Driver Performance to a Touring Professional. And the Black Swan & Black Hawk are proven effectively 43% better at making Putts. Using it is like going into the Future by decades, or even centuries… in terms of the slow evolutionary improvements in Putters historically. Stick the Black Hawk or Black Swan in your bag. It’s like jumping far into the Future, at no risk.

We call it Putting 2.0. What is it? Simple. It’s… The Future of Putting.

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