Wow. We’re finally done testing.

It’s time to finally call it for what it is… it’s Putting 2.0.

Putting 1.x is done. RIP all you Ansers and their Questionable (and Numerous) Knock-Offs. Goodbye Gimmicky Mallets. Farewell to Funky Flanges, Platinum Teutonic Stainless Steel Series, Oilcan Brown Blades and Hot White Spiders. So long to all Heavy-in-the-Wrong-Place Putters too. All Gimmicks. All Marketing. All Defective.

All existing putters have now been rendered… obsolete. You might want to use them to poke the coals in your grill or wood in your fireplace, or chase a possum or wolverine in your garage, or put them on your wall as momento of by-gone days. But… you are simply costing yourself putts if you use anything other than the Putters that have proven repeatedly to be better, by a stunning margin, than all others.

The Black Hawk, and the Black Swan. So much better, we make this simple declaration. You will Putt Significantly Better with either a Black Hawk or Black Swan. Actually… it’s God’s Physics & Geometry that guarantees this. We’ve simply proved that Geometry & Physics beats Marketing & Gimmicks… every time. On all Greens. No matter Who is Putting. Tour Pros. Club & Teaching Pros. Top Amateurs. Single Digit Handicaps. Club Champions. Everyday Club Members. Middle & High Handicaps. Beginners. Everyone.

Sooner or later, you will use a putter that solves the problems that exist in every putter extent except two. We have the Two that do… today.

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