The Putting 2.0 Lesson Video Series is now available for purchase.

Email me at, and I’ll tell you how to enroll for receiving the entire Video Series in 2016, you’ll receive 40 individual Putting Lessons, providing you a wealth of instruction, information, and data, all about Putting 2.0.

You Can Putt Like a Tour Pro… and You’re a Better Putter Thank You Think You Are.

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  1. Sean Gorgone says:

    Thanks for designing the greatest putter/ club in the WORLD!
    with the moment of inertia three times better than anything else in the world.

    The way it flows is so super easy …I know it’ll redefine the FUN ALL golfers can have!

    Sean Gorgone,PGA
    C.E.O. Whole Game of Golf
    Master Player, Instructor and Coach

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