We’re looking for 60 “Everyday Amateur” golfers to perform a comparative putting trial under controlled conditions, just as we did in 2011 with “Top Players”.

The testing will be done at convenient locations in Florida… I need to attend to set up test and record data, so it’s likely that Orlando, Boca Raton, Daytona Beach, Tampa and Jacksonville will be the locations chosen. If possible, Michigan would be added, and perhaps a site in the Carolinas.

We’re looking for golfers who never used (yet) our putters, but are interested enough to want to putt significantly better. The players should have the mindset of the Professionals we tested with, that is, an honest effort to try and make as many putts as possible, no matter what putter they have in their hands.

Contact us at oriongolf@ymail.com for further details, and scheduling.

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