“You’re a Better Putter than You Think You Are…”

We’ve been saying this to hundreds of Golfers this past year, and we’re always right.

Putting causes more frustration than any other part of the game of golf. Why? Because it looks so easy, and yet is so difficult to master.

Putting (poorly) ends a lot of careers in the Professional ranks. Ben Hogan was the most famous of the golfers who suffered from poor putting late in his career. But he’s not the only one.

Putting makes all the difference to competitive players. The best Putters win, it’s that simple. There is more correlation between Earnings and Putting Proficiency (Strokes Gained) than any other shot stat category.

For many amateur (club) players, making Putts seems like a black art. Somehow, they think they can’t possibly make enough putts because they’re “not Tour players”.

We’re here today to say that a large part of this failure to putt well has a root cause in physics and geometry, and we have a solution.

Read on…

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