Putter Design… It’s not Rocket Science, and it’s not Brain Surgery… but having a Neurosurgeon test your design is a wonderful thing.

Dr. Isabelle Richmond is an accomplished Neurological Surgeon, with a PhD in Neuroscience. She is a retired Colonel in the US Military, and after a four decades long career having held posts such as Clinical Professor of Surgery, is enjoying a bit of her time now in semi-retirement to work on her golf game.

I was lucky enough to meet her, when she walked into the Duran Golf Club Pro Shop and expressed her curiosity about the unusual Putters on display there… and as I was available to give her a short demonstration, she tried the Putter and … after putting extremely well (as all do who try), elected to become one of our “flock”. She uses a Black Swan, which, as she puts it… is “her new best friend.” 

Since that day, Dr. Richmond (who is extremely insightful, by the way, and also extremely detail oriented and thorough, but hey… she’s a Brain Surgeon) has done a number of tests with the putter. Dr. Richmond has also volunteered to assist in the Chapter (Mind Matters) of the Putting E-Book we are creating (her chapter will help you understand why you need to trust your subconscious mind).

What does her conscious mind think of the Putter? In her words? “It is simply a far superior tool.”

One thing that I came away from our time on the green… everybody can putt like a Tour Pro. All you need is the correct tool (one without all the defects and deficiencies of normal putters), the correct technique, and the correct mindset. And what better than a Neurology Expert to help me find the best way to assure that we know all possible about the work of the subconscious mind in putting.

My thanks to Dr. Isabelle Richmond… and the serendipity that made meeting her possible.

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