After you hit the ‘PLAY’ button… Click the little HD in the box for the HD version.


After you hit the ‘PLAY’ button… Click the little HD in the box for the HD version.

Putting at a target disk flag at the incredibly fun to play Arcadian Shores Golf Club in Myrtle Beach during Masters Thursday. Windy day, green normal, a little bumpy at end of day. There’s no cup, just a target disk at the flag base, like about or under 2 inches in diameter. Simulates hit = make for a 4.25″ diameter hole. Hit the target solid & good on 8 out of 10. Not too bad. Tour Pro stats are about 1 of 10 from 30 feet on average. Me with this Putter I’m better than 2+ out of 10 on any 30 footer anywhere… over long trials. Eight is a lot. Ten would have been better, but hey, we’re putting on greens, not billiard tables.

By the way, here’s the Math. Plugged into the Bernoulli Test (binomial probability), 8 or more of 10 from 30 feet, for a Tour Player, who makes 10% (0.1 probability) is about 2.7 Million to One odds against ( ). So it’s not like I stood there trying all day and you should expect see such a thing, if the Putter wasn’t just insanely better. Try it yourself. Should take about 12 years to do it with a putter that’s not a Black Hawk or Swan.

Actually, for this film sequence, I only hit 30 putts. 3 for 10 with a Swan, then 4 for 10 with a Hawk, then the 8 for 10 you see here. It was also at the end of a very long day. I had driven from Seminole Golf Club in Florida, all thru the night to Augusta, to drop off some tickets, then to Columbia, SC to meet our Exec Dir of our Cause Foundation, “Miracles for Angels”, then on to Myrtle Beach to give Putting Instruction to Professionals at Myrtle Beach National, Grande Dunes, Arcadian Shores, then Pine Lakes, with a bit of filming of another Pro there at Pine Lakes at dusk. Then I drove back to Daytona Beach and my children that night. Nearly 1500 miles, and 5 putting greens, in less than 42 hours, with no sleep.

Just another day at the office. It’s not me, it’s the Putter. Could be You… Making the Putts.

Do the test yourself… hit 10 or even a dozen putts at a target or hole 30 feet away. Try it several times. If making Zero or One isn’t much fun, consider what is the real problem… Your PUTTER. It doesn’t putt where you aim, and it’s just brutally unforgiving. Do you still use persimmon drivers? No. They were beautiful… but brutally unforgiving! You switched to 460cc drivers because they were better at hitting tee shots. Every Golfer putts BETTER using the Black Hawk & Black Swan. We guarantee it.

To learn more, or talk to me directly, email me at, or call 407-844-7885. Thanks for watching.

By the way… Sandy Lyle used the Black Swan just 26 times at the Masters in the Final Round… and he was 15th in Putts for the Tourney (115)…

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