Had the pleasure of 18 holes with a friend, Warren Chappuis, a young scholar in the PGA Professional Golf Management program at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Warren has been a Black Hawk fan since I walked onto the putting green last year at Cypress Head Golf Club, where Warren was serving a PGA Apprentice stint under Mike Collins, PGA, the General Manager.

Warren shot a fine 69, 3-under, with an eagle-birdie finish. His game had improved (he’s only 20, with a lot of potential still waiting to develop), and it was fun trying to match his flat-bellied long and straight tee shots.

Warren had told me about his recent rounds with the putter, including a 65, and his run of many rounds without a single three-putt. He related how skeptical players were before they tried the putter, and then were shocked how well they putted with it.

The best part of the day, was the comments that came throughout the round… Warren commented on many of the effects of the Putter on the Game of Golf. To paraphrase…

“It makes the game more fun…”

“This is the real Golf 2.0. Golfers will play more, because it’s fun to make putts…”

“Golf Professionals are the key, if it’s in their bag, their members want the putter immediately…”

“The Putter works every time… you can’t hit a bad putt… I don’t three-putt at all any more…”

Wisdom from a youth.

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