The single most important factor in putting is the player’s ability to control his “speed’, or distance control. A close second is the ability to hit the ball on the correct line. But without distance control, you’ll never be a good putter.

Distance control doesn’t just help you avoid three-putts… it helps you make more, especially on breaking putts.

The function that largely governs speed, or distance control, is the strike. If you repeatedly strike the ball on your putter’s “sweet spot”, your speed control would be excellent. Is it?

The big problem… you can’t hit the sweet spot on a conventional putter. Not consistently. But don’t feel bad… nobody else can either… and it’s not your fault.

Conventional wisdom in putting is that this issue isn’t really “all that important”.

A major company’s top equipment chief actually made some absurd comments in the national golf press this year, saying that sweet spot sizes on a putter aren’t so important, and that MOI (mass moment of inertia) that directly creates the size of the sweet spot is…  “like cholesterol–there’s good MOI and there’s bad MOI.”

We’re still laughing at that morsel of supposed wisdom. Maybe he simply had to lay down a smokescreen, while they heated up the Oven.

The same wizard actually claimed that he, too, had also designed a 23,000 gm-cm2 MOI putter, but thatI have a 23,000 MOI putter that I’ve designed, but it’s not very good. It’s hard to get back to square.”

Wow. Imagine advertising your inability to design an effective putter even while making a “me-too” claim on the Black Swan’s distributed mass function, all in one sentence… it couldn’t be much more comical if I was writing fiction.

The Sweet Spot on all other putters is comedic as well… it’s an absolute joke that putters are designed with sweet spots so small, that even the best Tour players in the world can’t hit it consistently. So the fact that it’s “always been this way” is all they are left holding on to.

Our Putters give you a sweet spot you can hit every time. When we demonstrate the putter, we make long putts at an insane frequency even topping the ball off the extreme heel & toe. The Sweet Spot on a Black Hawk or Black Swan? Basically, it’s the entire face.

You’ll have Superior Distance Control, Make More Breaking Putts, Reduce Your Three-Putts, and Make More Long Putts with the Black Hawk and Black Swan Putters.

And don’t forget to take your Statins, Mr. Stites.

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