A Gentleman from Oklahoma (5 handicap) flew in to Orlando last week, specifically to get fit with a Black Hawk (at the beautiful MetroWest Golf Course)

His first make drill, after watching a short demo and explanation, and hitting some “fitting” putts across the green, was a twenty-two footer with a left-to-right break. When I told him he would make 4 out of 5 in less than two minutes, he just laughed.

Then he immediately made four in a row.

I smiled, and told him few people make the 5th, as the pressure to succeed causes variance in process.

He left the fifth an inch short, dead center.

After some smiles and comments from him as to how that isn’t possible, he then proceeded to have one of the best one hour putting sessions imaginable… making all manner of putts… mid-range left to right, right to left, and short side-hillers.

The important thing is that Kyle (the OK putter) learned very quickly and understood well about the importance of focusing on “Process”, and not “Result”. Process creates the Results. Focusing on Result, degrades the Process.

The best advice we give any golfer, is to not worry about if any one putt is a make or a miss… but to work on making their Process of Putting a little bit more robust on every putt.

I’m eager to hear from Kyle when he receives his Black Hawk, and starts spreading the Process of Putting Truth to his fellow players in Oklahoma.


The follow up from Kyle… “Very Positive Results… the Putter Works!”

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