I was demonstrating the Putters to a Professional at a club in Florida this past year, and a senior Lady member came onto the green with three putters from the golf shop to try.

She asked if the Black Swan Putter the Professional was using was legal, and when told it was, asked … “Who says it’s legal?” I smiled… the USGA.

She asked if she could try the Putter, I thought better that she didn’t… we weren’t in the Shop yet. She was clearly looking to buy a putter. But the Professional said… “go ahead, let her try it.”

She drops the three putters, took 7 balls from her pocket, and set up to a tough 9 footer over a rise.

With her cross handed grip and interesting stance, she looked like she wouldn’t make but maybe one. She proceeds to center-cut the first six, then lipped out the last. She hands me back the Putter, and with a twinkle, says… ‘Are you sure it’s Legal?”

Where was my camera for a Youtube moment, was all I could think.

USGA Conformance documents Black Hawk  (click)

USGA Conformance documents Black Swan  (click)

We’re asked, again and again, by Golfers who have putted with the Black Hawk & the Black Swan… and who are stunned how well they Putt… “Is this Legal?” The presumption always is, if something works this amazingly well, and simply, it MUST be illegal.

Simply put… the Putters are Legal, are Ruled Conforming by the USGA, in Decisions 2011-144, & 2011-145.

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