This post is directed at the Tour players… but everyday players will do better by observing these lessons too.

If you suddenly had a more capable tool, would you work like you used to? Probably not.

If the tool is better, the first thing you’d examine is your tactics (or technique)… how you do something. Then, you’d probably re-evaluate the entire revised process (tool + technique combined) to see if further study, refinement, or enlightenment would create a “breakthrough event”, which would render old thinking (tactics and strategy) obsolete.

We believe that that moment has come… in Putting.

Let’s start with the basic premise… in the modern (XXI Century) game, it takes Superior Putting Proficiency to beat your competition… there is no substitute. With all due respect to Mr. Hogan (who I admire more each day), you cannot repeatedly separate yourself from the pack with tee to green performance anymore. Not with modern equipment (ball & driver) being the great equalizer.

Look at the issue strategically… is every putt the same $$$ value if you make it? Not even close… they’re worth a lot more the higher up the leader-board you are… and to compound this (because of the Fedex and Charles Schwab Cup effect) they matter more the higher on the Official Money list you are.

Winning even has an additional bonus beyond “official money”. Winners get invitations to elite events (Masters? TOC?), as well as Tour exemptions, and perhaps, even prestige selections to Ryder Cup or other events.

In it’s simplest… there are more benefits from a “one-putt” than there are losses from a “three-putt”. Arithmetically this sounds incorrect… but Algebraically, it’s true.

So… how to change how you putt, and increase your chances of winning?

Get a Putter in your bag that has reduced bias, and reduced variance, at a breakthrough level. There’s only two choices there, and we make both of them.

Using the tighter dispersion of that reduced distance variance, get more putts to the hole. All the time.

With that pattern of balls going past the hole more, think aggressively to try and focus on making more putts. No fear. The upside of (repeated) success dwarfs the downside of failure. Inside of three feet (come back putts) you’re at 95% anyway. Use this knowledge to help you separate yourself on the greens.

Strokes Gained even proves this. Make a 33 footer, gain a stroke on the field. To actually gain strokes, you need to make putts, especially the longer ones. If in a hundred putt stretch, you roll twenty added “30 foot” putts up to three feet by the hole instead of being short, you’ll have maybe at most one more three-putt… but you’ll gain two or three more “one-putts” just by getting your putts more chances to go in, and surely more than that (proven by your peers testing), if you are using our putters.

In the 1980’s, Tour players hit their Drivers with well less than 100% of their physical capability… ask the old-timers who used persimmon… maybe 85% to 95% effort depending on circumstances was the normal range. Today’s 460 cc titanium? You’re at 95% to 100% of capability all the time now, right? The equipment changed… so the way you use it changes too.

It’s the last frontier in Golf Performance Gains. Putting… what you use, and more importantly than you’d think… how you’ll use it.

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