Why You Need a PGA Putting Lesson  (click)

We are focused on the Entire Process of Putting Better… not just Putter sales.

When providing a better tool to an operator in a factory process, the tool designer should never just “hope” that the operators understand the tool’s features… they need to properly instruct the operators on the issues they will face in the use of the tool.

Putters have let Golfers down for decades… they fooled the player into thinking they were properly aimed. We experience this every time we fit a player… whether a Tour Pro, or a Country Club Member. They aim habitually (ususally to the right) away from their intended target, because their old putter had a “Bias” in it. The Golfer was “trained” to adapt… not a reliable system, but Golfers had no other option.

You need to understand the physics and geometry of the putting process. You need a talented and knowledgeable set of eyes to watch you in your first experience with a Putter that actually “goes where it aims”. Our Professional Partners are those individuals who guarantee the process… and not just in helping you buy… but helping you Putt Better.

The PGA Professional is our “Quality Control” agent. He assures you of a proper fit, lie angle, shaft length, grip preference. He instructs you on the unique features of the Putter. He watches your grip, stance & posture, stroke, and tendencies. He makes certain that on all putts, long, short, and in-between, you are comfortable, and proficient, immediately.

During the process of Putting Better, most of our clients are so shocked by the fact that they make Putts, easily, repeatedly, that they simply cannot grasp that they actually are “Good Putters”.  But it’s true. You’re actually a “Better Putter than You Think You Are”.

We thank the PGA Professional partners who assist us in making sure this unique opportunity… making everyone Putt at Peak Proficiency, is as simple as the right Tool, coupled with the right Technique.

We provide a Complimentary PGA Professional Putting Lesson with every new Black Hawk or Black Swan Putter purchased at MSRP. In fact, you cannot get the putters, without the lesson. We’re dead serious about the Quality of Putting.

If, after the Putting Lesson, you’re so excited about the potential for playing better Golf (like most players), you want added help for your game, ask the PGA Professional who introduced you to our Putters, to help you improve the other parts of your game. He’d be happy to schedule you a Lesson for short game & bunker play, driving for distance & accuracy advice, or help with your iron play. After your game is tuned up, invite him to play 9 holes, and take a Playing Lesson from him in the process. You’ll do your game a lot of good, and maybe make the PGA Professional not just your coach & teacher, but your friend.


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