Those ahead of their time are usually the ones who receive short-sighted and in retrospect, foolish criticism. Not to mention, the old saying… “Those that Blaze the Trail get the Thorns.” I never minded getting scratched up for making progress, or solving what others said couldn’t be… after all, thirty years as an engineering trouble-shooter isn’t a job for the timid or those with narrow minds or thin skins.

I’m also not in the least bit bothered by the nonsense being spread by the Equipment Companies and Putter Designers, some of whom have taken their pots-shots in public at what we’ve created. More still, and this is an example of what’s wrong with American Business, have employed the dirty trick approach to counter what we did with good Old-Fashioned Henry Ford & Tom Edison style American Ingenuity. Too bad for them… their lack of integrity is all they prove by doing so.

To watch somebody else design a Putter that actually Makes Putts is simply too much for many in the business to bear. Some are magnanimous in their praise of the accomplishment, behind the scenes… in private, face-to-face when with me on the green. In fact, sometimes they blurt out the obvious… and I’m sure are well scolded for it afterward… “All of Our Putters are Junk!” … being just one example. Bet he’s still taking heat for that one.

I didn’t design the Putters to go into the Golf Business. I designed them so I could Make More Putts. I do. So does everybody else that Putts with them.

Henry Ford was ahead of his time in many ways. In the last few decades, a Quality Revolution has taken place in the world of Manufacturing. It goes by many names… “Lean” and “Six-Sigma” are the two most well known. But, if you analyze what Lean really is… it’s simply a restructured re-hash of what Henry Ford did in the early 20th Century. Read his books… and if you were lucky enough to talk to somebody who knew it first-hand (I was that lucky), then you’d understand.

Henry Ford did something else that was pretty ingenious… and they called him “Crazy Henry” for it. He single-handedly boosted the Auto Workers, and by extension, many others, into a nascent “Middle Class”. How did he do that? He over doubled wages overnight… the “$5 Day”. My Grandfather, and his family, benefitted greatly from that. Grandpa was a Toolmaker for “Mr. Ford” from 1919 to 1959 (the year I showed up). Thank you Mr. Ford, you were a true friend to the Kargetta family.

The business community and press just crucified Mr. Ford for forcing them to increase wages too. Screw them… they didn’t give a damn about this country or the people that made it great… that in reality… Made the USA.

It’s time I started emulating closer what Mr. Ford did. I’ve always tried to put into practice his methods as they were soundly based on common sense results-oriented thinking. Tactically, it’s been a real help to me. But it’s time to get strategic.

Watch these pages for my 2014 initiatives, and in the meanwhile, do yourself, and your Putting a favor…

Open Your Mind.

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