If You Designed a Putter to Make Putts…

… It would be designed to actually “Putt where it Aims”. Surprisingly to most folks, all other Putters… Don’t.

… It would have a Sweet Spot (or zone of effective strike) big enough that You could hit it every time. None Do… Except Ours.

… It would have Perfect Geometry, and be built for each Golfer’s exact Geometric positions. Only Ours are built that way.

… It would “Make Your Stroke Better”. Of course, that’s exactly what a 3-time Major Champion said… after Putting with Ours.

… It would have a Face that minimized to the greatest degree Strike Variance. Not like those poor designs with grooves and inserts.

… It would be totally balanced, with a straight shaft intersecting the head’s center of mass exactly. Why start with error?

… It would be designed to put You in the exact same position every Putt. Fixtured Consistency… only Ours do that.

… It would be so easy to swing like a Pendulum… because it was designed to BE a Pendulum. No stupid marketing gimmick backweighting.

… It would Roll the Ball perfectly every time, even on mis-strikes. Don’t believe that’s possible? Try Ours and smile.

… It would have far more repeatable Distance and Speed Control. Oh yeah… FAR more repeatable. Three-Putts just about Dis-appear.

… It would be Tested using advanced (Probability) Statistical techniques, proving it’s superiority. Ours were. They did. You’ll be shocked.

… It would be designed to be “Obvious” as to it’s fitness for the task, after you actually Putted with it. Try it and you’ll too tell us… “Obvious!”

It’s a Putter. In other words, a tool designed to Make Putts. Putt-er. Frankly, it’s the only Putter(s) in Golf today, by that standard.

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