We’ve done a number of tests to ascertain what, how, and why the ball does coming off the putter face, with various putters. We confirmed most of what we theorized, and were rarely surprised… but did learn a few things that may be of use to those who follow our footsteps.

We also see and hear lots of marketing hype, conventional wisdom, semi-common sense explanations, and computer generated imagery (or is it imagin-imagery?) that pretends or claims to be what a ball does coming off various putter faces.

Well, we’d like to give you just a bit of a quick “reality check” method that is pretty foolproof, and can be done nearly anywhere in the country (though only at one certain time of day).

The Dew Drop Roll v Bounce test.

Now, first of all, they don’t give style points in golf. Whether a ball bounces or rolls doesn’t get recorded on the scorecard… whether it goes in the hole (after how many strokes) does get recorded.

The Dew Drop test is simple. Go to the practice putting green at daybreak (or before), on a day when dew is on the green, and the green hasn’t been cut yet. Find a spot with no footprints, or putting tracks, near the edge of the green, and drop a dozen balls. Take the two putters you will be testing, and give 6 balls to each (make two stacks of 6 about 2 feet apart). Now putt each half dozen across the entire length of the green. Be careful to move the origin (ball location) a few inches with each putt, so it has it’s own “track”. The putts need to be struck solidly enough to finish at the far fringe.

Take a look at the dew-track patterns. What you will notice, in hitting 90 foot putts, is some putters will bounce about 6 to 12 times before they settle and simply roll. The Black Hawk & Black Swan? Well, I wouldn’t ruin a good movie by telling you the ending, right? Just know this… prepare for the shock of seeing what good physics does.

No putter in the world rolls the ball as well, as early, or for as consistent distance, as the two putters that Change the Game.


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