It’s Golf… it’s Putting. It’s not Rocket Science… it’s more important than that… 🙂

In my lifetime, Golf has swung from a traditional game that hardly changed over the span of decades, to a hyper-intensive quest to utilize technological advances to gain an edge (even if infinitesimal, or imaginary).

For all the launch monitors, lab-coats & lasers, the object of Golf remains what it always has been… it’s either done for Fun, or Competition, or both.

Now, it’s not Fun to Three-Putt. It’s not Competitive either. It is Fun to One-Putt… and as any Tournament Player will tell you, that’s how to win.

The Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters do exactly what you want a putter to do, whether for fun, or for competition. They make putts. And they leave you a tap-in, if they don’t.

The Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters solve many problems in current putters… and they do it the right way… by Design.

Our Putters are the only Putters to “Putt where they Aim”. And they’re the only putters you CAN aim. Easily.

Our Putters are the only truly “Sweet Spot Striking” putters in existence. Virtually 100% of our putts are well struck.

Our Putters teach you how to “Read Greens Right”. Less Variance in result means a tighter closed loop feedback.

Our Putters truly “Swing Like a Pendulum”… as our competition proved with their iPhone application.

Our Putters will have you saying “It Makes My Stroke Better” … a Three-Time Major-Winner said exactly this.

Our Putters “Roll the Ball” far more effectively than any others… as was proven by another competitor’s Putting Lab.

Our Putters “Putt the Right Speed”… as is easily seen from the proximity of repeated putts… all the same.

Our Putters “Break Same As You Read It” … because you no longer have to “Out-Guess Your Miss”.

Our Putters “Make More Putts” … 43% more in the scoring zone (12-36 feet) in a test of 60 top players.

Read… Aim… Swing… Stroke… Roll… Speed… Break… Make… all Better with the Black Hawk & Black Swan.

The Proof is in the Putting. See for yourself.

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