People ask me all the time… Why, or How come (and then… fill in the blank)?

Why (didn’t the other companies do this)?

How come (all Tour Players aren’t using it, immediately)?

Why (do I putt so much better with the Black Hawk or Swan)?

All good questions.

If you’re ready for a healthy dose of Truth, read on. It might upset some people, but Truth needs be told, even to audiences that can’t handle it. So, if you can handle a healthy dose, here it is. If you can’t, then I’m shocked you’re here to begin with.

Let’s just start with one of the questions we constantly hear.

(If this is really so good)… Why didn’t the other companies do this? There’s a boatload of reasons…

First of all… they’re in the business of selling to you multiple examples of the same thing, annually, if you let them. If you doubt this for a second, I have a question. How many Drivers would you have bought from Carlsbad if they had it their way, in the past decade… about 9. Why? Because they make more money from you that way. Go look in your closet.

Secondly… they were blind as bats as to performance, but totally focused on wringing as much dollars from you as possible. They got away with it as long as nobody else designed a better putter. They didn’t care for you to putt better. They just wanted to get you to be a “beanie-baby” type of buyer. Doubt me? Then how do you explain all the Scotty models? How many times can he copy a (defective!) design, and gussy it up with some new paint-fill scheme?

Third… they were blind as spiders as to performance… because the Marketing Guys ruled the roost, and tell the designers what to do. I actually talked to one designer, who worked for over a dozen different companies, and he confirmed it. They don’t want you actually putting better, compared to wanting to sell product over and over again. So they do (market). And you don’t (putt better). See the Marketing Guys smiling? See your wallet shrinking? See anymore one-putts?

Fourth… even the Engineers and Inventors and Designers were blind… and this is really funny, when I get on the green with these guys who think they already know everything. It’s a real stitch watching them pucker up upon the first few balls they roll. It’s positively painful for them… and a real kick for us. Then the excuses and accusations come out… “This should be illegal!” … “Nobody can Putt this good for long!”… “Has to be a fluke!” Right… has to be… day after day, for two years plus, everybody putts better because of some trick. Right.

Finally, allow me to say this. Don’t bother asking us anymore why didn’t the other companies do this. Instead ASK THEM. But ask them two questions…

One… “If you guys knew the Science of Putting like this guy from Orion, all these years, and you didn’t give us putters using that Science, so we could have been making putts all along… WHY?

Two… “And if you guys didn’t know the Science… WHAT the HECK are you guys doing in the Putter business?”

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