Bob Dickson is a distinguished competitive golfer, with wonderful career accomplishments. Mr. Dickson (he asked me to call him Bob, but I can’t, until I get a USGA title too) won the US Amateur and British Amateur in the same year (1967). But as great a golfer as he is, he’s a better gentleman. No finer person can be found on a golf course, or away from one… truly.

Mr. Dickson was kind enough to attend a Putting demonstration at TPC Sawgrass. He was fit for a Black Hawk, and was a real gentleman throughout the process. Days later, I gave him the Putting lesson that comes with the putter. Mr. Dickson’s knowledge of Putting is very thorough… and he’s a talented putter, though he is now 68 years old (you’d never guess his age… he looks 47).

After a week or so, I received this email… I’ll quote it in full…

“I’ve got to tell you about my round yesterday.  Played the Dye Valley course with my group from the white tees.  I always preface a round played from there vs. the blues.  I had ten birdies, a double bogey and 7 pars for a 64.  My lowest and best round in many years. I hit the ball well and putted extremely well!
I had a frustrating couple of rounds last week on the greens and took out my old putter for one round.  The old putter is back in the closet – I’m pretty sure now it’s for good!  The old putter felt like I was putting with the shaft only – no head on it.  Anyway, I’m very enthused about my Black Hawk.  Thank you again for the putter and the instruction time you spent with me.
It would be my pleasure to get you on the course for a round. You’ve got a solid swing and you should be playing.  If you wouldn’t mind getting up early and getting here on Wed., March 7, we would be the first ones off on the Stadium at 7:40, just the two of us.
He followed it up with this two days later…
“That was the 12th round at my age or under with the 64. Today on The Stadium (white tees), I shot a 67.  I had ten rounds last year -7 67’s and three 66’s.  I turned 68 last month and have three rounds this year under my age.  It goes without saying that I putted well on these low rounds. I can’t drive the par 4’s and hit the par 5’s in two (well occasionally I will on par 5’s) and two putt for birdies like these young guys can today!  I’m getting more comfortable with your putter each passing round.  My distance control on the long putts has markedly improved.”
I had the thrill of playing TPC Sawgrass with him, and can say easily it was the most fun I’ve had on a golf course in 30 years. Thank you, Mr. Dickson. If you qualify for the Senior Open this year, you have a volunteer to caddy for you.

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