Actual comments I have received upon introducing the putter to others… here are examples of what we hear daily…

Don Barber, LM PGA… (putting with it on a cold and windy day in Kentucky) “The Cleanest Feeling Putter I’ve ever experienced in over 50 years in Golf.”

Rick Vershure, PGA… (75% better with it, I used to be his caddy, and he’s the toughest critic I know) “You’ve surprised me again, David… tell me again why it works…”

David Tomczak, PGA… (he put it on his club’s Scorecard) “More One Putts, Fewer Three Putts, You’ll Putt Better and Score Better with these Putters.”

Wally Kuchar, PGA… (40+ years a Professional) “This is really great… you almost can’t miss… just let the putter swing… this is fun… I might start playing tournaments again!”

Jay Overton, PGA, Champions Tour… (while putting for 3 hours ! with them) “Lightning in a Bottle… you might sell half a million of them.”

Fred Griffin, PGA, Top 100 Teacher… (in 2 hours test was 89% better) I am currently putting with the Black Swan… I would suggest you get one to try. They work well.

Todd Meena, PGA… (after his first 6 putts) “This is really incredible… look at that, immediately Four in a row from 20 feet… wow.”

Beau Baugh, PGA… (while rolling in every Five Footer he tries) “It’s a Self-Stroker… if you let it stroke you can’t miss… you’ve really got something here…”

Robin Byrd, Champions Tour… (within 30 minutes) “Amazing. Best Putters I’ve ever seen… I’ll take anything you have… I’m switching from long putter back to standard length!”

Jeff O’Malley, PGA… (after rolling 60 footers repeatedly dead to the hole) “This is Scary. Scary Good. Wow. Now I need to show these in my Chapter.”

David Graulau, PGA… (putts LH, while using our RH prototype #1) “Took me less than 5 minutes. Then everything was perfect. Can’t hit a bad putt. Amazing job Kargo…”

Jerry Pate, US Open winner… (45 minutes in sports coat and street shoes, in a light rain) “Great roll. Feels like I can make 80 footers… you’ve got a great product here.”

Bob Lohr, PGA Tour Player… (making 90%+ from about 8 feet) “I’m a great putter, I thought nothing could help me… but this really works…”

John Cameron, PGA… (after rolling in 30 footers off the heel and toe) “Very interesting…”  (Mr. Cameron is very precise and economical with his comments, just like his putts)

Buddy Alexander, UF Golf Coach… (after hitting just a few long putts) “This is really something… just incredible… now test with my players”  (player tested was 71% better)

David Rummels, PGA & Champions Tour… (watching three 40 footers go in from center, heel and toe) “Wow. How is that possible! Can I try this?…”

Roger Hebert II, Playing Professional… (after 2+ hours) “Incredible Distance Control… distance is 80% of Putting, and this makes me a much better putter immediately.”

Jeff Ryan, PGA… (minutes before putting his Scotty Cameron away forever) “David, I’m a very good putter, I’ve had my Cameron since High School (1998), I’ll never change.”

Todd Jones, PGA… (Putting 40 footers) “It just rolls the ball the same every single time!”

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