Golf’s biggest controversy right now is whether “Anchored Putters” (Belly & Long Putters) should be banned. It’s interesting to listen to both sides of the argument… and at the same time, it’s simply not necessary.

Why? Because a putter already exists that obsoletes any belly or long putter… and we see it every day do exactly this.

Our standard length Black Hawk & Black Swan is far more stable than any other belly or long putter, by a long shot. We’ve had top professionals who swear by their long putter, and then putt phenomenally better in testing with a standard length Black Swan than their long putter, in head to head testing.

We have several Tour players who previously used long and belly putters, who immediately switch to our standard length putters, and improve their proficiency.

Why is that?

Because taking an ineffective, unstable, inaccurate, and unforgiving putter, and sticking a longer shaft on it, doesn’t solve the basic problems.

Another big problem, the longer the putter, the farther the balance point is away from the ball, which magnifies errors in the stroke velocity and impact position geometry.

I’ll leave you with one short story… a top PGA Professional in the Met Section (who I caddied for as a boy) agreed to test our standard length Black Hawk & Swan against his beloved long (50+”) “2-ball”. After the test, his exact comments were… “Yes, I did your test (a series of ten putt head to head segments)… and your Putters blew mine away every time… if my putter made one, yours made three, if my putter made three, yours made seven… how is that possible?”

Physics & Geometry. Those two will ban the belly and long putters. It’s fact, and we know it today. The Black Hawk & Black Swan… obsoleting every putter known to man. Including the anchored kind.

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