Putter-head Mass Moment of Inertia, or “MOI”, is one very important component of good putting results. Since the Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters debuted, the Golf Industry’s participants and pundits have been scratching their heads and trying to find a way to deal with the fact that we’ve blown away the previous putter paradigm.

It’s fun to watch them twist, squirm, and try to ignore what stares them in the face. All of their putters are functionally obsolete, in light of what really works. They even say so themselves. Even to me. “All other putters are Junk!” is a common reaction when I put our Putters in their hands, and make them use their own right after.

The marketing behemoth in the equipment sphere has now done exactly what I had predicted to one of their VP’s last August. They took their biggest putter, and increased it’s size, renamed it, and painted it their corporate colors (white-red-black). As an example of marketing smoke and mirrors (what this company does best), it’s obvious and safe. But is it really a breakthrough? Let’s look at the facts. This new “Ultra High” MOI of the arachnid of note is touted as 8500 gm-cm2. Ultra high? Maybe by the standards of 1970. It’s still barely a third of the Black Hawk or Black Swan. Not exactly a breakthrough. Not even a catch-up.

It’s as if GM responded to the rear-engined Porsche 911’s far superior handling characteristics by saying they’ve improved their rear-engined Corvair’s handling by putting on slightly bigger tires. Ignoring the obvious is one strategy… but did anyone clamor for another slightly improved Corvair?

The Black Hawk’s vertical axis MOI is 21 Kg-Cm2, and the Black Swan’s is 23 Kg-Cm2 (or, 21,000 g-cm2, and 23,000 g-cm2). We measure in Kg-Cm2, because you can’t really feel the difference in increments under a Kg-Cm2. The “granularity” is such that a 8,000 vs an 8,500 value is effectively negligible, and not sensed by the player at all. So slightly improving what was the previous range of MOI values is simply not effective in creating a breakthrough Putting result.

Our breakthrough results are from creating Putters with “Perfect Geometry” (TM), as well as a “Whole Face SweetSpot” (TM).

They can deny or ignore this in public for a while (they sure don’t in private), but those who Putt with the Black Hawk & Black Swan know the Truth, and will eventually make Putting Greens look like Porsche New Car Dealer Lots, instead of Used Car Corvair Graveyards.

Oh, by the way… their Geometry of their new spider style putter is just as defective as their previous versions. Whoops. Plus, they violate another engineering principle by mimicking a different company’s back-weighting strategy. Counterbalance? As buzzwords go, it sound impressive. Until that is, you realize that it actually counters the ability of the putter to swing like a pendulum. Whoops again.

If you’d like to know the whole story, and why you should try a real Putter (because it really makes more Putts), give me a call. 1-407-844-7885.

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