There’s a thought process that “More (and Complex) Technology is the Solution” to solve most problems. In the main, it’s a good start, at least people are considering how best to improve something… but can be quite deceiving. Sometimes there is a better way.

We’ll just talk for a minute about Putting Technology…

For example… high tech putter fitting and alignment checks… stroke analysis and ball roll monitors… lasers and optical alignment aids… all quite interesting, and while not useless, at least they all suffer from a fundamental flaw…

You can’t use it on the course. It can’t help you a bit at the “moment of truth”.

You need to “build the technology” into the putter itself.

We’ve done exactly that.

The Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters solve the setup and alignment bias problems… on the green.

Not in a lab.

They put you in the same correct position every single putt. No matter the environment, or circumstances, or pressure effects you may be under.

It’s what we call “Perfect Geometry” (TM).  Try it and see for yourself… you’ll never go back to faulty putters ever again.

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