We say the Proof is in the Putting… the data should speak clearly as to performance.

In a Year Long Trial, 60 Top Players, including Tour Professionals, Top PGA Teaching & Club Professionals, and Top College Amateurs, performed a data study on our Putters. The results were, to say the least, stunning.

Hitting equal number of Putts, on “make%” tests, at distances between 12 and 36 feet, alternating Putters per their own preference, the Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters outperformed their own “favorite” putter by an astounding 43%.

That’s right. 43% more makes. 521 Putts were made with “their” putters, and 744 were made with the Black Hawk or Black Swan.

Even more shocking, these results occured “before” we provided instruction on the Putter’s features. In other words, we had to “bite our tongue” as we watched the Professionals hit our Putter “right & short” early in the trials. In fact, if you observe the individual testers data, the only players who putted even marginally better with their own putter were the ones who performed the shortest duration tests.

See the Results…  Hawk & Swan Putting Trial  (click)

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