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What actually happens when you miss a putt? Do you understand why? Do you recognize the true “Root Cause”? Actually, No.

You think it’s the line you selected when reading the putt? You may have read it correctly.

You think it’s the amount of momentum you create in the Putter, to transfer into the ball, and results in the distance you roll the ball? How about the speed of the green? You probably did that estimate pretty good…

No… you’d be surprised at the root cause of nearly all missed putts.

The putter itself. You read this correctly… it’s your putter’s fault.

We’ve hit well over 100,000 test putts in the past two years. We know what the root causes are.

Bias… and Variance.

The Bias causes you to “think” you are properly aimed, when you aren’t. It’s because all conventional putters have imperfect geometry. The face angle looks “here” (apparent angle), when the ball comes off the face, “there” (actual face tangent). Your putter fools you. Simple as that.

The Variance comes from the striking characteristics of the putter head… the “Sweet Spot” on your putter is just stupidly small. You miss it by as little as “one dimple” of a golf ball, and that is the difference between a make and a miss. Your putter is brutally unforgiving. Like using a small persimmon driver. Where you strike the ball, matters. But traditional Putters have an effect on just a dimple off strike meaning an entire stroke! In comparison, drivers and irons are forgiving to the extent of nearly a ball in range, not a dimple.

Actually, very few putts are “missed” because of a so called “bad stroke”. In fact, the better your stroke, the more these defects in your putter actually punish you!

Our Putters actually Putt where they Aim (due to Perfect Geometry). This eliminates the Bias.

Our Putters also have an effective Sweet Spot that allows Putts hit a few dimples off the perfect CG spot to roll the same distance and direction as perfectly struck. This reduces the Variance.

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