Everyone in the golf business knows what putters are, and what they must look like, and do. They are a bunch of white swans. Indistinguishable as to performance.

Except us.

Everyone in the golf business (1500 designs) thinks a putter should have a ridiculously small sweet-spot, essentially one dimple high and three dimples wide. Too bad for you you can’t hit it seems to be their thinking (don’t feel bad, the Tour Pros miss the sweet spot over 80% of the time in testing).

We don’t. We want the whole face to be sweet enough to make a lot of putts. So our putters do.

Everyone in the golf business (all the big companies, and not a few small ones) makes a knock-off (they call it “inspired by”) of an Anser putter.

We don’t. The Anser is no longer the Answer.

Everyone in the golf business thinks one, two, or maybe three lie angles is enough for you.

We don’t. We build the perfect lie angle, for you, to 1 degree increments, from as upright as the USGA allows, to as flat as you ever needed.

Everyone in the golf business builds putters that don’t “putt where they aim”.

We don’t. Every Black Hawk & Black Swan goes exactly where it aims, on every slope, every time.

Everyone in the golf business thinks you’re fooled by talk about MOI being something like “we have 8562 gm-cm2 MOI, higher than the other guys 8473!”

We know you couldn’t feel even 1000 g-cm2 increments in your hands, so we measure ours in kilograms… as in 21kg-cm2 MOI on the vertical axis of our Black Hawk, or 23 kg-cm2 on the Black Swan.

Everyone in the golf business thinks claiming their designs shift the paradigm is something they can talk their way into your bag. They even think heel toe forgiveness is all there is. But they don’t realize that the up-down sweet-spot is four times more important in making putts. And that players usually have no idea they are topping most of their putts. Would you buy a driver you topped most of the time?

We build putters with more up and down sweet spot than their heel to toe! You can’t hit a bad putt with our putters.

Everyone in the golf business seems to think you’re a sucker for collectibles and you’ll buy just one more version of that Xeroxed brand X copy of the 1960’s design but with the new Oil Can finish, if it has the name of the designer on it, just like it’s another Beanie Baby to collect on eBay.

We don’t put the Designer’s name on our putters. But we will put your name on it, if you wish. We think you are more important, and should be so recognized.

You see… not all Swans are white. The ones that Change the Game are Black.

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