We’ve collected enough putting test data to long ago know without any doubt that the Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters are the Best Putters Ever Designed. It’s stunningly obvious. “Best By Far” is the only conclusion you can draw looking at the data, as well as the consensus opinion of everyday players (“amazing… so why didn’t the other companies do this?”), top industry professionals (“all other putters are junk!”), and the best Golfers (PGA Club, Teaching, and Touring Professionals) who try it (“Best, By Far!” or “Makes My Stroke Better!” or “It’s 80% better than any Putter if it’s fit right, but it’s still 60% better if it’s not fit right!”). (All actual quotes!)

But… I think the real view of the issue should be… are the Black Hawk & Black Swan Putters the “Only True Putters” in the Game today? It deserves some serious thought… you’ll especially think so when comparing ours vs. all others.

Yesterday I was on the green with the classic putters I grew up with, plus a few of the “new” releases from various companies. Of course, I try to make every putt I hit… so to me, I want to know the peak capability of any putter in my hands. Trying to make putts with other putters is a brutal exercise in frustration. Of course I’m able to understand other putter design defects so that I can “compensate” against them to some degree. Even so, it’s frustrating to try and be unable to get the ball to roll on the line you envision, and roll true to the hole.

On the green at Orange County National Wednesday, I was with a gentleman who really was engaged in what “Putting 2.0” is all about. The Joy of Making Putts. So… Joy vs. Frustration. It’s what it boils down to. To see the Joy of a golfer making putts, just minutes after seeing their frustration, you have to wonder… are all other putters destined for the garages (to smack the rogue possums) and fireplaces (to poke the hot embers) of their owners? Wouldn’t those tasks be better uses for those “putters”?

That’s the real question… If a tool “Frustrates” you, in using it, is it really a tool? Are what golfers currently think of as “putters” really Putters? If you feel akin to trying to use a wrench to hammer with, is it really a tool in your hand? If you’d never had a hammer to use, and been pounding away with wrenches all these years, what would you be thinking after swinging a hammer for the first time! Use the right tool!

The Putter was named the Black Swan precisely for this reason… it is a “Black Swan” event in Golf Equipment… and obviously the right tool to make putts with.

Black Swan = Unexpected + Changes the Game + Obvious after the Fact. From the view of those who’ve used it… the only Putting Tools in existence are the ones that are truly “Black Swans” (and Hawks!).

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