Can you drive the ball 285 yards on average, hitting 65% of the fairways?

Can you hit 11, 12, or 13 greens in regulation on an average day, playing a 7000 yard setup?

Can you get up & down from greenside bunkers roughly half the time?

If you’re like most golfers… none of the above.

But can you make 10% of your thirty footers?

Can you make 2 out of 5 from ten feet? 40%? If you do, you putt as good as the Tour players.

I’ll bet you can… and within the first five minutes of a putting session with the Black Swan. I’ll bet you repeatedly make 40%+ from ten feet, or longer, within minutes.

In fact, I’ll bet you do even better. I’ll bet, in a series of tests, with the Tour player averages as your new benchmark, you’ll putt just as well as they do. You’ll putt from all angles, all breaks, and from all over the green, in a simulated round drill. Never the same putt twice.

Bet you wax the Tour averages. I do. Every day. See me make 30 of 48 (62%) from 24 feet… … that’s 5x the Tour average from that distance! … the Top guy (at 15 makes out of 50) from 20-25 feet is still only 30%. The average is about 12%.

See the math on the probability of that occurring by a Tour Pro that makes 16% from 24 feet (few do, and we typically inflate the actual Tour Stats by between +25 to +33%, in recognition of hitting repeated Putts from the same spot… which replicate the best of what PGA Tour Pros did when we tested them with their own Putters)…

So here is the Binomial & (more importantly) Cumulative Probability of this happening in this calculator (…

Binomial Calc

The P(X<30) shows the likelihood of a result less than 30. This is = 0.999999999999527.

Subtract this from 1, you get the probability of 30 or more makes happening… = 0.000000000000473. Or 4.7295 E-13 (the box cuts off the 3 in E-13).

Or… 1 chance in over 2 Trillion. Even if we double the probability (small safety factor) it still shows it’s over a Trillion to One odds against this happening with a typical Putter. So… it’s not a fluke, because we’ve done hundreds of such events.

It’s not me. It’s the Putter.

Why then, am I so confident that You can do it too?

Because the Black Swan & Black Hawk putters give the player a massive edge compared to all previous and conventional putters. It works every time.


Because if you had always had a putter that “putts where it aims”, and was designed only with making putts in mind, you’d always have putted like a Tour Pro.

Well, now you can. The Black Swan, and the Black Hawk.

You’re a Better Putter than You Think You Are. Guaranteed.

On Your First Session, You’ll Putt Better than You Ever Have. Guaranteed. Why? Because with our Putter, and our “Putting 2.0” Lesson (which I’ll be giving You personally), everybody Putts Far Better.

You’ll be so thrilled, You’ll tell me personally, on your cell phone how great You are Putting… because I’ll be on the phone with You when You do it. Guaranteed. Then, You’ll probably e-mail me, telling me again how jazzed You are about Putting Great.

Here’s my Triple Guarantee. Order a Black Hawk or Black Swan. Take my Lesson. On the very first session with it on the Putting Green, if you don’t Putt Far Better than You ever have, and if You don’t think the Lesson was Great too, and if You aren’t so excited that You want to e-mail me Your experience… just send it back, and we’ll refund your purchase.

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  1. Sal W Varsalona, Esq. says:

    It was a pleasure speaking with you about my Black Swan putter. I used it for the first time today. I had 25 putts which included 4 birdies!! I made 5 putts over 10 ft. and I know I made at least 4 short putts that would have been questionable with my old putter. I had a 74 but I had one terrible hole, ( 7 on a par 4!!). Overall, I was elated!! I think us golfers are the most gullible people in the world when it comes to devices or programs that will improve our games but, your putter is the real deal!! I thought my long putter was the best thing I had ever used till I tried your Black Swan putter. I passed out the two cards you included with my order and was asked for more!! I am also sure the guys I play with will be getting their own soon. Thanks for sharing your gift with the rest of us.

    A followup… I will tell you why I like the Black Swan so much. We golfers, as a group, are perhaps the most gullible class of consumers on the planet. There are so many infomercials telling us of products that will dramatically improve our game and through our purchases we have learned they all contain empty promises, they are worthless. But, Orion Golf has a product that if given the chance will revolutionize the game of golf.

    Hey David, loved the Black Swan so much I want a Black Hawk putter as well. Do I need new pictures? I trust you did research on belly putters compared to standard. Did the research show standard performed better? If so I would like a standard shaft in it as well. If there’s no research I would like to try the Black Hawk with a long shaft. But, if there’s definitive proof then I’ll take a standard shaft. Please don’t think for a minute I’m in anyway disappointed with the Black Swan it’s just so great I want both!!! Thanks again Dave!!

    • oriongolf says:

      Thanks Sal, pleasure was all mine. Treat to meet real gentlemen like yourself… and thanks for your kind words.

      No problem Sal, Black Hawk same spec… and yes, our data shows our standard length Putters are the way to go. They’re known as the “Belly-Killers”.

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