If you are a PGA, LPGA, or Teaching Professional, contact me on how you can…

1. Putt Better Than a Tour Player. No joke, you will Putt insanely better, guaranteed. No failures yet.

2. Help me raise funds for Children’s Bone Cancer (pediatric primary osteosarcoma) research. Currently, all of my donations are direct to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, straight into their general fund, with some in the past that is dedicated straight to their previous Osteosarcoma protocols. We need to generate enough to get them to restart their OS programs.

3. Help make your own Golfing clients far better Putters. Meanwhile, I will be rewarding you and them if they do testing for me, and any donations that they make to SJCRH will be generously rewarded.

Watch the videos to see what is possible… then call me at 407-844-7885.


If you are a Lover of Golf, and have a favorite PGA, LPGA, or Teaching Professional that you would like to help you Putt Far Better than Ever, with MY help, contact me as well, so you can be rewarded for helping them help you.

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