Well, the USGA & the Royal & Ancient have finally offered a proposed ruling on “Anchored Putters”. We’re not surprised by any of it. But then, we already obsoleted Belly & Long Putters… before the announcement. Why? Because of physics. Our standard length Putters out-putt all anchored styles… we proved it. Repeatedly.

An example … One PGA Professional, a multiple time PGA Section Player of the Year, and using his Long “Two-Ball” for over a decade, was a typical hard skeptic. But his result? 75% better in a head to head trial our Putters (standard length) than his favorite broomstick. No fluke. His exact words? “Your Putter just blew mine away in every test… how is that possible?”

Easy. Physics.

Long Putters move the balance point up the shaft, away from the head. Because of this, the radius of gyration of the putter is proportionally shortened, making the putter actually “not likely” to swing like a pendulum. Too bad for those who somehow think the long putter would dampen their stroke variances… actually, the right combination is a balance of multiple factors… a long radius of gyration relative to overall length, high swingweight relative to overall weight, and enough head mass to adequately serve the other parameters.

Everybody has been chasing their tails for so long, they forgot that God’s Laws Rule, not the USGA.

By the way… I even showed the Author of the #2 Best Selling Golf Instruction Book, a genius in Instruction, how to putt with a long putter (he has a bad back) without anchoring the putter with his upper hand, a year ago. We demonstrated it’s superiority to anchoring, if you have to use a long putter. He was so stunned, after nearly two hours, he shook my hand and exclaimed… “David, I’ve been teaching for over 50 years… and now I finally learned how to putt!”

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